ECHO Detroit” is an emerging Recovery Community Organization (RCO) that was born out of the multiple and complex needs of the recovering community throughout the Detroit- Wayne county area.  Many individuals and their families who are struggling with a substance use disorders are searching for “more“.  ECHO Detroit endeavors to provide that “more” through our peer-based service delivery system and this actualized mission.

ECHO Detroit” believe that recovery is a process that consists of Connectedness, Hope, Identity, Meaning and Empowerment. We are a recovery community organization that  supports people in achieving sustainable recovery by providing resources that are personalized to individual aspirations, goals, and stage of a person’s recovery process with a focus on helping them build recovery capital. We support the recovering community by being a source of education and participating in efforts that help reduce stigma so that those with substance use disorders have every opportunity to achieve wellness.” 
As the people in our recovering community are diverse, evolving, and in various stages of change – so is ECHO Detroit as a new, emerging RCO. Stay tuned to this web site as we provide you additional information.


If you are local- come visit our Recovery Community Organization (RCO) located within the 1st floor of the SHAR Academy building, located at 1851 West Grand Blvd., Detroit MI  48208.  We are accessible from both I-94 and I-96 freeways, and is in close proximity to major streets (Grand River, Dexter, Tireman, McGraw, Warren), local bus and bike routes.


The ECHO Detroit Recovery Community Organization (RCO) is a multi-purpose, peer-based service hub capable of meeting people where they are. Consistent with the multiple pathways of recovery- the ECHO Detroit Recovery Community Organization (RCO) serves to reach, connect, and engage men and women who: 

• “self-identify” as having, (or are at-risk) of having an issue with substance use (past, present or in the future), or

• having a “family member or significant other with a “problem”.

We are here for you.  Stay Tuned for updates.